Since our humble beginnings years ago, LED Wisconsin has quickly become the go to place for Dairy operators all over the US!

We have lights in service, from our valued electrical professionals, in California, Oregon, Maine, Georgia, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio, and all over the Midwest including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, North and South Dakota, as well as Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

We have sold and installed thousands of LED fixtures into dairy barns with the help of countless electricians and other equipment dealers.

We are proud to say that we have well under a 1% repair or replacement rate.

Our thousands of hours of use in the harsh environment of the dairy industry has also translated into other larger commercial and agriculture projects with countless electricians across the country. We have been the trusted resource with a longer track record with LED in dairy than almost anyone, and once you understand, why we do what we do, we believe you will pick us for your next project.